Stressed About an Outdoor Wedding on a Rainy Day?

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Stressed About an Outdoor Wedding on a Rainy Day?

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, then most likely the thought of rain ruining your wedding day, has caused you a bit of concern. While we cannot predict the weather, we can make a rainy wedding day a beautiful and memorable experience by taking advantage of the rain instead of letting it ruin your special day!

As the rainy season approaches, the possibility of your wedding experiencing an afternoon shower or an all-day rain event is a real possibility that should not be ignored. While we may want to stick our head in the sand, pray, or wish upon a star that it doesn’t happen to us, it’s best to have a solid plan in place, just in case mother nature has other plans!

When planning any wedding, a lot of time and effort goes into planning and preparing every detail from the table decor to the flowers in your bouquet. However, sometimes, not a lot of thought goes into the “what ifs” that can thwart the best of wedding day itineraries! So what DO you do if it rains at your outdoor wedding?

Here are some rainy wedding day success tips and plans that you can put into place ahead of time to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch.

1. Attitude is everything! Prepare yourself mentally so that it may happen! Be determined to enjoy your day no matter what the weather brings your way. That goes for anything else that may not go as planned!

2. Have a backup plan. When shopping for wedding venues, make sure they have a backup plan and a beautiful alternative indoor space for rainy days.

3. If your venue does not have another space nearby as a “quick flip” for a rainy day surprise, inquire if tent coverage is an option.

4. If your venue does not offer tent coverage for rainy days, call around ahead of time and price a tent rental for your event. Be sure to ask how far in advance you have to reserve the tent before your event.

5. If you are renting your own tent, make sure this is permitted in the ceremony or reception space at your venue and that there is room to put the tent.

6. Rainy overcast days make the best photos! Ask your photographer if they have clear umbrellas for a bridal party photo session. If not make sure to provide your own.

7. Have a change of clothes for your reception in case your wedding attire gets wet. Have a nice evening gown or backup wedding dress (thrift stores or online bridal resale markets are great for this)

8. Make sure your venue has a backup power source if your venue loses power due to thunderstorms or severe weather.

9. Ask your venue if they allow you to hold off on ceremony start times to wait for passing showers to clear out. Some venues are flexible with the timeline and may even allow extra time at the end of your event, to compensate for rain delays.

10. Last but not least RELAX!  As long as you have a solid plan in place, you can relax and enjoy your day, rain or shine!

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