How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding on Florida’s Space Coast

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How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding on Florida’s Space Coast

There’s something special about an outdoor wedding. From the fresh air and natural landscape to twinkling stars that rival a sparkler send-off, nature offers a backdrop that just can’t be beaten. Outdoor weddings in Florida are an affordable option for those looking to create an authentic, yet charming wedding day that guests will not soon forget. You may be wondering, “How do I plan an outdoor wedding on Florida’s Space Coast?” Our area is home to 72 miles of beach access, and while we love the beach, our wedding tips and tricks speak to our area of expertise, which is all-inclusive, barn weddings in Brevard County. Keep scrolling to learn some tips, along with answers to other questions you may have.

What is the best month to have an outdoor wedding?

It’s no secret that Florida is hot! That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have an outdoor wedding on Florida’s Space Coast. September through May are popular times because of the milder weather. Temperatures are comfortable for both you and your guests, and in the event, the weather is cooler than you expected, fire pits and heat lamps are great additions.

What is the best time of day to have an outdoor wedding?

Typically, outdoor weddings start in the early evening and go into the night. Some couples choose 4 p.m. in the winter months, while others choose 6 p.m. once daylight saving times begin in mid-March. These timeframes have two major benefits: cooler evening temperatures and golden hour, which is optimal for photos overlooking the lake here at Rocking L Ranch. But if you prefer a morning ceremony with a brunch reception, that’s possible, too! Remember, your wedding is all about what you two want.

Planning an outdoor wedding on Florida’s Space Coast does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to be stressful.

– Rocking L Ranch Weddings

How do I decorate for an outdoor wedding venue?

Our best recommendation is to pick a venue that can accommodate your desired theme. If you’re wanting a rustic-chic wedding, selecting a venue that has a barn reception hall showcasing vintage decor, farm tables, and chairs, and complimentary decor packages, like what we offer here at Rocking L Ranch, will cut down on costs and logistics you don’t have to worry about. The majority of our couples love that they don’t have to spend their budget on decor only to use it once. 

What should my backup plan be if the weather is bad?

They say if it rains on your wedding day, it’s good luck! However, anytime you have an outdoor event, a backup plan is necessary, especially in Florida. Talk to your venue about what happens in the event it does rain on your big day. Here at Rocking L Ranch, our barn reception hall can accommodate your vows and your guests. It may not be as picturesque as our lakeside ceremony under a grand oak tree, but the barn can seat up to 120 guests and features chandeliers, white market lights, and beautiful fabrications that provide charming elegance.

Quick Tips for Your Outdoor Wedding in Florida

 – Decide Your Budget:
Weddings don’t have to be expensive, and there are many ways to save costs when planning. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, take a look at the three all-inclusive packages available at Rocking L Ranch, a budget-friendly wedding venue in Florida. If anything, our packages will give you a quick rundown of services to consider. 

 – Create Good Lighting for Photos/Videos:
Plan for your photographers to take the most photos around golden hour. That’s when the magic happens! And as you start to dance the night away, twinkle lights are a must to ensure enough light to capture your sweet dance moves. The grounds here at Rocking L Ranch are lit to perfection, eliminating one more thing you have to worry about. 

 – Decor for the Outdoors:
If you’re getting married outside with no structure in place, there are so many things you will need to consider. Seating, lighting, and sound equipment to name a few. Before you start stressing, leave the planning to the experts and take a look at our all-inclusive wedding packages in Brevard County. Not only are they affordable, they include almost everything you need for your big day! 

Planning an outdoor wedding on Florida’s Space Coast does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to be stressful. Our team would love to have you for a private tour of our venue. Appointments are available six days a week. Contact us to schedule your tour today! And in the meantime, check out the 5 Reasons to Love this Central Florida Barn Wedding Venue.

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