Planning a Budget-Friendly Wedding when Inflation is Rising

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Planning a Budget-Friendly Wedding when Inflation is Rising

Space Coast wedding venues aren’t immune to the rising cost of gas, food, and raw materials. These cost increases are unfortunately passed onto newly engaged couples, forcing many to have minimonies or micro-weddings to stay within budget. As we head into 2023, prices are expected to rise even more. And we know firsthand how this causes panic among couples.

Before you start red-lining your wedding must-haves, take a deep breath and know that there are budget-friendly wedding venues in Florida ready to accommodate you and your wedding day. In fact, here at Rocking L Ranch, we have actually reduced the pricing on our all-inclusive packages to beat the inflation (we’ll share more on that below.)

Discuss Your Wedding Must-Haves

Much goes into planning your wedding, and it’s likely you have been dreaming of this day for a while now. Grab your partner and talk through your must-haves for your wedding day. How many guests do you want? Is there an ambiance you desire? Do you prefer a particular cake, flower or entertainment option? Favors or no favors? 

Identifying what’s most important will allow you to prioritize and make better decisions. And it will likely provide immediate cost savings as you discover your priorities. We have seen many couples include every must-have in their big day, but they scaled it back to fit their budget. Remember, at the end of the day, this wedding is a celebration of you two and your love and not about what looks good on social media (although that is an important factor, too!)

Much goes into planning your wedding. As we head into 2023, prices are expected to rise even more. And we know firsthand how this can cause panic. Fear not…

– Rocking L Ranch Weddings

Move on Planning

Couples are typically engaged for 13 months before they tie the knot. We suggest that couples start the planning process shortly after their engagement. It’s no secret that there is a wedding boom right now as we recover from the pandemic. Couple that with rising costs, and you’ll be glad you started the planning sooner. Not only can you lock in 2022 rates now, but you can also shop for deals and save money along the way.

Now before you start calling multiple vendors for quotes, consider an all-inclusive wedding venue in Florida. One of the biggest ways you can save is by choosing a venue where some of the most basic needs—chairs, linens, and catering—are included in the venue fee.

Here at Rocking L Ranch, we offer all-inclusive packages that include everything you need for your dream wedding with up to 100 guests. For less than $10,000, you can secure the ceremony site, reception barn, catering, florals, photography, entertainment, and much more. Or you can build your own customized package starting at $2,500. Both offers are good for all weddings now through Fall 2024. Plus, we offer a complete decor package that includes tablescapes, signage, and other rustic-chic decors to make your wedding look spectacular.

Believe In the Team You Have Hired

If you choose to have your wedding at Rocking L Ranch, you can trust our team of vendors and experts to bring your vision to life. Once the venue is all set up, and before your guests arrive, we provide you the first look of your day so you can appreciate the elegance that has been created. And if there is a particular vendor that you would like to work with, let us know. We remain flexible and are here to serve you. Just remember that you are responsible for any additional add-ons.

Don’t let rising costs stop you from throwing the wedding you wanted. There are ways to throw the wedding you envisioned within the budget you’ve allotted, but it will require conversations and setting expectations upfront. And we are here to help! Schedule a private tour of the Rocking L Ranch and learn more about why couples love getting married at this top Florida barn venue.

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